Frequently Asked Questions

Does health insurance include specialists and hospital care?

There are a range of health insurance policies to choose from, and many include specialist care and private hospital care. You can also choose a policy that only covers everyday healthcare, like GP visits and dental check-ups.

Am I better off choosing a higher excess?

This depends on your situation and policy, however a higher excess can be a good way to reduce your premiums without reducing cover.

Am I covered for a condition I had prior to taking out health insurance?

Any illness, condition or injury you had before buying health insurance (even if you were unaware of it) is considered a pre-existing condition. In some cases, health insurance won’t cover you for any healthcare related to a pre-existing condition. Some policies may cover you after a certain waiting period, and some policies might charge an extra premium for pre-existing conditions.

Why should I buy health insurance?

Many people get health insurance to access private healthcare they might otherwise not be able to afford. It gives peace of mind and offers choice, convenience and flexibility when you need healthcare.

What’s covered by private health insurance?

What’s included in your cover depends greatly on your policy. Some policies cover everyday needs such as GP visits and physiotherapy appointments. Others cover hospital and specialist care.

What’s not covered?

What’s not included in your cover also varies greatly, depending on your policy. Generally, things like elective cosmetic surgery and laser eye surgery are not covered with health insurance.

Am I covered as soon as I take out health insurance?

Waiting periods often apply when first buying health insurance, or when upgrading to a higher level of cover. This means you may have to wait until you are able to claim. The amount of time depends on your provider, and the treatment you are wishing to claim for.

How much does health insurance cost?

The cost of health insurance can vary greatly for each person and each policy. Factors of cost can include age, chosen excess, gender, and whether you’re a smoker.

What sort of questions will I be asked when applying?

Each provider has slightly different application forms, but you will generally be asked about your occupation and activities, residency, health, and any other life or health insurance you have.